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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 26, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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when glare from the sun him. his vision. somehoway the driver did not see students practicing in the parking lot and hit them. students were taken to area hospitals by rescue officials. they indicated most appeared to be minor. the driver who hit the student only had a lammers permit. the line would be the last this isy motorists -- what the northbound section looked like from sky team 11 during the evening rush hour. troopers say a tractor-trailer could not slow down in time, causing a chain reaction leading to the pileup. seven people were taken to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. this has been reopened. members of a church are pleading
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-- 12 unitses tell us were damaged. fortunately, no one was injured. -- red cross is insisting assisting the people displaced. it remains under investigation. >> one of the graduates is one of the two people killed. he has been identified as a 35- .ear-old, lieutenant commander jones was a 2001 graduate of the academy in annapolis. the crash was not the result of hostile action. met witht john kerry his iranian counterpart. this marks the highest level talks in several years between them. it has been described as constructive and the president tweeted "-- >> a senate vote is scheduled
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tomorrow on a bill to prevent a partial government shutdown. while the showdown is coming ahead in washington, marylanders are bracing for impact. 11 news, saying each shutdown day would total $5 million in lost state revenue. businessesryland would also suffer from nearly $15 million less in economic activity for each day that government is shut down. they are close to 100,000 federal workers in maryland. >> republicans continue to hold up government funding for the affordable care act. president obama rally for the law. >> any b product launch, there will be glitches as this thing unfolds. folks in different parts of the country will have different
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experiences. it will be smoother in places like maryland were governors are working to implement it rather than fight it. >> he also told the crowd the health law is a crucial step and if the affordable care act is implemented, expect to see a closing of the land are -- landmark mandate. ♪ >> the tagline reinforces a visual message, do not let government play doctor, opt out of obamacare. this particular ad was advertised by a group called generation opportunity. they will visit 20,000 college campuses saying there are alternativeseaper for the affordable care act for young adults. onlinee are a couple of glitches ahead of the roll out. small businesses will be able to window shop.
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but they will not be able to roll until november. even with the delay, they can get coverage for employees by january 1, when the law takes full effect. the spanish language version of the health-care website will not be ready to enhance -- to handle enrollments for weeks. eligible fore coverage. there are three ways to sign up, online, by mail, or in person. for more information on how to sign up, you can call this toll- free number. one 800, 318, 25 96. more detailed information online. try our calculator to compare -- premiums. also, see the difference, the different premiums, state-by- state. you can click health-care reform at the top of our website. class and historic and central mental part of a church
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congregation has been ripped off. it was stolen from last week. church members are pleading for its safe return. >> this was taken from this old church building. according to leaders, no one bothered it for 15 years him, until last week. >> don has been holding onto a treasure since 1993. the church bill -- l was -- in hisd placed in shed. >> i noticed someone had broken into my storage area. the bell was gone. it took at least 223 eagle to carry it. it is very heavy. kind of awkward to carry it.
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>> the church bill -- dell is similar to the one in this picture. the congregation was planning to put it in a new church that would replace the old one. they are going to hang it in the new place next year. things likerld of metal is worth a lot of money, scrap metal. i would be sick if it were scrapped. >> no surveillance video and no leads. was kept unlocked, but in a secure area. suspects are believed to have drag it from the shed and drove away with it. they hope criminals have a change of heart. like to drop it off here at the church, we have a place here that can be dropped
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off the side the church. nobody would ask. >> it does not appear as though the church were targeted. reporting in the area. >> try one of the most topical -- popular video games on the market that will not be on shelves next year. >> have french fries gone bye- bye? ?> who stole the cookie apparently, o.j. simpson. the bizarre tft he is accused of committing behind bars. >> we will see if it impacts our friday and weekend forecast. right now, clear to partly cloudy skies.
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suspended an entire they lostse he says their way. cyber bullying, skipping class. the coach told his ayers to hand over jerseys and to get them back, they need to practice a new skit -- set of skills. theproject surrounded families and communities. >> the respect level for our students and teachers and things, we wanted that to be -- i think it got people to do what they needed to do. >> all right. last night, most of the players got their jerseys back after completing the task. tomorrow night is the homecoming
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game. >> imagine every coach across the country doing that. football players are getting help from the nfl. academicam makes an coach available to students off the field who tutors the athletes. the coach also helps prepare for high school assessment exams and works with them through graduation on the college admissions process. many opportunities for a student athlete. these guys may never get to go -- to go to college without the scholarship. the scholarships are available. without going to college, -- >it is hard. >> the program officials say if successful, the family hopes to expand it to other schools. >> if you own a playstation or xbox, you likely have one of the many incarnations of the ncaa football game around.
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the company says the move is due to ongoing litigation case. ea sports has settled all their lawsuits. whether athletes should share in the money made from the use of names and likenesses. french fries with that? here is the chance to switch out -- a littlear leaner. mcdonald's will give customers the choice of salad, fruit, or vegetable, as a substitute for french fries in its value meals with no extra cost. it will roll out the change early next year. everyone knows cookies are better with milk, not oj. tell that to o.j. simpson, who allegedly stole cookies from his cafeteria. according to the daily mail, he stuffed a stash under his shirt and walked back to his cell. they found a trail of more than
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one dozen oatmeal cookies. a 33 year sentence for armed robbery. recently granted parole on some charges. >> you can see almost three different seasons batting it out. highs were only in the 30's. around montana. summerlike heat's in the panhandle of texas down towards dallas. mid 90's there. we are enjoying nice fall temperatures. 60's and 70's for highs. a normal day in baltimore. a normal high. 53 for the lowes. right on target for the average this time of year. rarely seen. exactly the 30 year average for the day. 95 is our record high in 1970. chilly 40. the record goes all the way back to 1879.
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down to 50 at frostburg and 55 at oakland. 53 degrees at hancock. chestertown, 57. 68 degrees in downtown baltimore right now. we may see the temperatures dropped and stall a little bit. we notice a patch of cloud cover coming out of pennsylvania. hard to see low clouds and a little bit of fog with it. cloudttle patch of coming late tomorrow morning and may hold the temperatures up a couple of degrees. , they have been drifting farther to the south and east. it it looks like it will keep our nice weather going. this will dominate our weather
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pattern for the next three days. -- it means most of the next seven days will be dry again. a little patchy fog in the morning, and then skies clear up thomas sunshine in the afternoon, same thing saturday. early morning patchy fog and afternoon sunshine and we will do it all again sunday. it perhaps tries to get in here, but not until next monday. winds are light out of the northeast, keeping right around a foot in the mountains will be down in the 30's tonight. nice, comfortable, fall temperatures saturday. aftern shore locations the morning patchy fog. look for sunshine tomorrow, saturday, and sunday. at the beach, around ocean city, a little bit of morning cloud cover and thought. afternoon sunshine and high temperatures around 72. area of cloudiness
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developing. it does not look like it develops much because a lot of wind is associated with it. 73 degrees around baltimore tomorrow. maybe a sprinkle monday and back to dry weather. >> thanks. not time to turn in just yet. >> j leno and jimmy fallon give us rundown on the people they have with them on late night. >> a new film. it is always fun to talk to him. we look at what is trending tomorrow. here is what is happening on jimmy fallon. >> hello. tina fey is my my -- my guest tonight. a great shape -- a great show tonight. >> he was talking so fast, i cannot follow him. the ravens do not have any leadership issues. they do have the results to prove it. more on that next in sports.
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>> ray lewis's comments about the ravens while they prepare in
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buffalo has started a disagreement this week. they also have a shot of significant improvement here it two straight games without giving up a single touchdown. more out of defense that has started to find its new identity. see that they to ravens defensive performance a week ago was good. they did not give up a touchdown. it was not just good. the defensive quarterback says it was amazing. >> he told his team that was one of the most gratifying wins in my career, and not necessarily because of houston. i can recall that cannot recall the last time that i played a game then give up one play. the other difference was they -- that is phenomenal. >> the game land from last week there is no meeting this week. a far more mobile qb than any
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the ravens had faced this season. the read option offense. some -- something they prepared since may. >> it was probably about every other day in ota's and every other day or so in training camp homily actually had a read option time. class having them to practice against, the ravens should truly be ready. tv 11 sports. >> thank you. too late to do much for this season. winning the -- it does not stack up to a wild card for excitement. , hefinalame of the season picked up his 11th win tonight. getting the benefit of a dropped fly ball by jason. that is not a way to make much of an impression on the staff.
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dole or nothing, the bottom of the second, matt winner wins. way back. home run. 1-1. in theory, all runs are created equal, and the bottom of the third, back to the play. sacrifice fly. two games. this will not be the most billion highlight you have ever seen. it brings in what seems to be the winning run. the o's go on to win it, 3-2 over toronto. baseball commissioner will come to an end. controversy. they received a lot of criticism. he did what the 30 people who hired him expect from a commissioner. he made each of the team owners a lot of money. two decades, plus as commissioner, baseball increase revenues by more than four times. player salaries more than tripled. yes, congress called to capitol
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cancelnd he did have to a world series. he often came across a little like a used car salesman. he helped prove baseball can survive almost anything and keep making money. in russia, they cannot wait. the winter olympics begin in 100 34 days. alex will have a starring role in the festivities next sunday. the birthplace of the olympics. he will carry the olympic torch on its first leg of a long journey to russia. the redskins will have more than a ceremonial role for the games. play a the host country prohibitive role as gold-medal favorites. stick around, tom tasselmyer is with a seven-day forecast that does not begin to look like winter.
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>> a little darker at night. >> still beautiful out there. a lot of sunshine smile. 73 degrees. five on saturday and sunday. low morning fog each day. scattered showers possible monday. most mornings start with patchy
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fog. [laughter] >> someone asked me why it is oh is patchy. -- always patchy. >> a very deep question. [indiscernible] >> there you have it. >> that is all.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from the new movie, "enough said," julia louis-dreyfus. ron paul. the music of little big town. and "whas trending tomorrow." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much! welcome to "the tonight show." well, this is -- [ cheers and applause ] thank you. thank you. thank you very much. here is a -- here's a very exciting story. what's being called the biggest comeback in the history of sports, america's yacht racing team, team oracle usa, owned by billionaire larry ellison. you know this story? [ scattered applause ] rallied from a nearly insurmountable seven race deficit, winning eight races in a row to defeat the team from new zealand and win the america's cup. that's pretty good, yeah. [ cheers and applause ] unfortunately --
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unfortunately, the yacht victory was marred when billionaires in beverly hills and the hamptons were flipping over rolls royces and throwing bottles of grey poupon and trashing polo fields. you hate to see that kind of thing. kind of thing happen. oh, well, so much for that joke. [ laughter ] well, listen to this. according to the "national enquirer," o.j. simpson has been caught stealing cookies from the prison cafeteria. [ audience ohs ] just when you think you know a a guy, huh? [ laughter ] you know, i heard that story. i think i had the same reaction most of you did. really? they have cookies in prison? really? [ laughter ] you can get -- you can get cookies? you can get cookies -- you can get cookies in prison? [ applause ] that's pretty good. oh, look at wayne -- oh, no, no, no. look, wayne wants to go to prison now. look at that. cookies! they got cookies. you know, i'm being a little unfair. i don't know if o.j. really stole those cookies or not. yeah, okay. yeah, he did. yeah. [ laughter ]
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okay, yeah. yeah, i guess -- oh, he is fat. o.j. is so fat, when he sneaks a knife out of the kitchen now, it's to cut a cake. that's why. ♪ [ applause ] o.j. is so fat, he's got a new show coming out called "orange is the new fat." that's his new show. ♪ [ applause ] in fact, he's being asked to transfer from the big house to the waffle house. that's how bad it is. ♪ [ applause ] oh. well, on his recent visit to the united states, iran's new president hassan rouhani delivered a message where he tried to present himself as much more moderate than his predecessors. he was trying to connect with the american people. i think he was trying a little too hard, maybe. you decide. take a look. >> you know, for the first time, iran's president spoke directly to the american people in english. [ with southern accent ] >> i bring peace and friendship from iranians to americans.
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[ honking ] [ laughter ] >> jay: think he's trying a a little -- a little too hard. [ applause ] well -- in a letter to john boehner, the treasury secretary, jacob lew, said the government will run out of money in just three weeks. you know, i'm no financial whiz, but we're $16 trillion in debt. doesn't that mean we already ran out of money? [ laughter ] like, $16 trillion ago? no, we're not running -- we are out of money. [ cheers and applause ] oh, how about this? how about this? the post office is now asking for a three-cent increase to 49 cents for first class mail. they say it's needed because fewer and fewer people are using the post office and they're losing money. see, that's government thinking. only the government would think, hey, i know how to attract more customers. let's raise the price. [ laughter ] of course. that should bring droves of people in. yes, of course. [ applause ]


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